Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Breather 07

Breather: A Design Conference
August 30–31, 2007
Decatur, Georgia

What is Breather?

Breather is a design conference held each year in Decatur, which brings together artists, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, landscape architects and other professionals concerned with design and its effects. It unites the design community with true southern hospitality and showcases Decatur as a city that is rapidly becoming a center of creative work in the South.


To advance multidisciplinary design through support of all designers and schools, their faculties and students. We encourage debate, critical thought and the advancement of the design profession and its place in the community.

This support involves:

• Serving by encouraging dialogue among the diverse areas of discipline

• Articulating the critical issues forming the context of design

• Coordinating with the Atlanta Journal Constitution Decatur Book Festival to provide resources for art/design publications and authors, adding a new component to the festival.

• Fostering public awareness of the benefits of good design in public spaces and encouraging strategies for design as an indispensable element of a sustainable world.

This advancement shall be implemented through three primary means:

1. Plan and implement a successful, profitable and exceptionally planned
program titled “Breather”

2. Collaborate with collateral organizations and continue to grow the participating audience.

3. Encourage the reputation of Decatur as an attractive place for creatives, showcasing its diversity and sense of place that makes it ideal for creatives to live and work.

Place: based at Agnes Scott College, and using other city venues including Shawn Vinson Gallery, Lightroom Studios, Lenz Marketing, Decatur City Hall, Holiday Inn, various restaurants.

What: Presentations on design concepts, particularly addressing a theme of Blurring the Boundaries

Speakers: keynote and other presentations
Panels: focusing on concepts of design within various specialties
(architecture, art, graphics/print/new media)
Optional lectures, tours, and workshops
Book vendors
Invitational short films
Participant presentations (Free for All)
Display of high school design competition entrants

Prospective speakers:
Lars Spuybroek, architect, professor, and Ventulett Distinguished Chair at
Georgia Tech

Alan Messer, photographer for Johnny Cash
David Oakey, Product Design-- Interface
Iconologic, graphic design
David Carson-- Graphic Design--tentative
Amy Landesberg, artist and architect
Lyn Menne, director Decatur Development Authority

Budget: $25,000.00
Income: Registration fees

American Institute of Architects


Founder--William Carpenter FAIA PhD is a nationally recognized architect and educator. He has won numerous design accolades for his writing, teaching and practice. He is founder Lightroom.tv—a successful design firm in Decatur, GA, specializing in award-winning architecture and new media projects for commercial and residential clients. Carpenter received the national ACSA/AIAS Educator of the Year Award in 2000 and the National Young Architects Citation in 1997. He was also elected as a Fellow in the AIA in 2000. He is the author of an important and well-regarded book; Learning by Building: Design and Construction in Architectural Education, VNR, 1997. He studied and worked for renowned architect and AIA Gold Medalist Samuel Mockbee FAIA and New York architect Norman Jaffe FAIA.

Executive Director--Dorothy Moye—Dorothy Moye of Davis-Moye & Associates has worked as an artist’s agent and art consultant since 1987 with a continuing emphasis on promoting work in the contemporary craft media. In addition, she has a broad range of experience with all arts media, including extensive experience in both commercial and fine art photography. Over the years she has marketed and sold art work to corporate and private clients and has curated and organized exhibitions for not-for-profit galleries and corporate and public spaces. Moye has been involved in the arts for more than twenty years, building her base of knowledge and resources through both volunteer and professional activities. She has recently completed a term as chair of the Decatur Arts Alliance.

Art Director--Nell Ruby has worked as an artist and educator in the Atlanta area since1991 and is currently an assistant professor of studio art at Agnes Scott College in Decatur. She teaches drawing, design, digital imaging, and sculpture. She has worked as an artist, educator, furniture builder, and graphic designer and is a prolific new genre artist with an international exhibition record.


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